eGuard platform requires no hardware, software or administration resulting in reduced cost of ownership for towns/municipalities/cities. The platform is fully integrated, highly available, reliable, scalable and real time with web-based access via Mobile and Web browsers ensuring a hassle-free experience for managing probate cases.

The eGuard platform provides solutions for some of the most pressing issues experienced by probate court personnel. Solutions include elimination of manual processing of cases, digitization of court documents and financial fraud prevention. In addition, eGuard offers features such as online submission of petitions, electronic payment for petitions (where applicable) and automatic reminder notifications to case contacts. The above ensures compliance and increased revenue and reduces the need for court personal to manually perform compliance checks. All of the above will save towns/municipalities/cities countless hours of work and needless expense.

eGuard platform was built from ground up to address some of the pressing needs in guardianship compliance, financial abuse and exploitation of elderly who are under guardianship.



Submit Petitions online


Pay for filings using credit,
debit and ACH

Auditing Capabilities

Improved auditing capabilities than manually auditing case files


Realtime reporting of case status


Realtime Alert Notifications

Security & Compliance

Increased security & compliance support


Time Saving

Automated Notifications, eFiling, ePayment, Automated Compliance Reports, Automated enforcement of guardianship mandates, Realtime reporting enables time saving for clerks

streamlined Workflow

Easy for Prose or Attorney's to use the system as well was clerks to complete complicated workflows associated with guardianship

Cost Efficient

SaaS platform improve Total Cost Of Ownership for towns/municipalities/cities