Guardianship Suite

eGuard offers a comprehensive guardianship suite for court personnel, guardians and attorneys helping courts with state of the art technology to manage probate cases and help identify potential financial exploitation, neglect and abuse in guardianship cases. Our mission is to protect incapacitated individuals from financial exploitation, neglect and abuse

Platform Features

eGuard platform requires no hardware, software or administration resulting in reduced cost of ownership for towns/municipalities/cities. The platform is fully integrated, highly available, reliable, scalable and real time with web-based access via Mobile and Web browsers ensuring a hassle-free experience for managing probate cases.


Submit Petitions online


Pay for filings using credit,
debit and ACH

Auditing Capabilities

Improved auditing capabilities than manually auditing case files


Realtime reporting of case status


Realtime Alert Notifications

Security & Compliance

Increased security & compliance support

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Guardianship reforms in Rhode Island may have been too aspirational when lawmakers decided to charge probate clerks with the obligation to monitor the supervision of guardianships. Rhode Island General Laws § 33-15-26 and § 33-15-26.1 mandate that annual accountings and annual status reports be submitted by each guardian to the probate court. The statutes require probate courts to monitor each guardianship. These annual obligations, for the most part, are not met by guardians, and probate courts do not have the software or personnel capacity to monitor guardianships appropriately.

Does your Town Clerks have adequate resources to handle probate matters?

Town or city clerks, by statute, is the probate clerk. But town clerks duties include.

  • Election administration;
  • Recorder of deeds;
  • Business license administration, including alcoholic beverage licenses;
  • ​Public records compliance officer for municipality;
  • Administrative support to the city/town council;
  • Legislative administration, including maintenance of the municipal charter and code of ordinance;
  • Public information office for the town/municipality; and
  • Municipal court administration, in many municipalities

Elderly Abuse

Elder abuse and financial exploitation is a growning problem in United States. The number of Americans age 65 and older is projected to more than double by 2060 according to Population Reference Bureau, “Fact Sheet: Aging in the United States,”‐unitedstates‐fact‐sheet/

The National Council on Aging Reports that approximately 1 in 10 Americans age 60 and older have experienced some form of elder abuse - National Council on Aging, “Elder Abuse Facts,”‐policy‐action/elder‐justice/elder‐abuse‐facts/

RI Confirmed cases of Elderly Abuse in 2017


In 2018, U.S banks reported suspected cases of elder financial abuse


RI, Percent of current population of older adults


States reported exploitations by Guardians according to 2010 U.S Govt Accountability Office Study